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Green Thumb Program

Green Thumb ProgramOur “Green Thumb” program is all about our love of being green. When Kermit the Frog sang “It’s not easy bein’ green” he didn’t know how true it could be. We are always looking for different ways to recycle, repurpose, reuse.

Our customers play a huge part in our efforts. It’s not unusual for us to find boxes of old vases, baskets or containers in a box at our front door when we open. We are gifted these items regularly and they come in handy for our Petal if Forward program of repurposing event flowers to local hospitals and nursing homes.


We are lucky enough to have a local recycling business Jackson River Enterprises, who comes by when needed to pick up the cardboard and plastics we have collected. Jackson River Enterprises employees local folks with disabilities or special needs, so we are thrilled to support their efforts!

Also in our design room, we are always looking for ways to keep our planet green. One of the ways we are trying to do our part is to reduce the amount of floral foam we use on a daily basis. We are exploring other options such as reusable plastic “frogs”, coated wire mesh and simply creating more hand-tied designs that do not need an arranging medium of any kind, just at sweet little zip-tie. (What did the world do before zip-ties!)

So, if you receive a bouquet with these care instructions, know we care not only about our beautiful flowers, amazing customers and loving community but our pretty planet as well.

To do our part in taking care of our planet, we have crafted this bouquet in reusable Design Mesh. To change the water in your vessel, simply raise away arrangement refresh water, clip stem ends and replace. Once you are finished enjoying this design, wash with soapy water, air dry and use again for your next display of lovely blossoms. Or, recycle back to us as part of our "Green Thumb" program.